Green with Envy for Chloe

When you say the name Chloe Green several things spring to mind – heiress to the Topshop fortune, occasional reality TV star (she starred in Made in Chelsea as the girlfriend of Ollie Locke) and most importantly, she’s besties with Kate Moss. However, designer is not something you would normally associate with Miss Green – you see she’s usually wearing the designer digs, not designing them. But Sir Phillip Green’s most famous daughter has turned all al a Moss on us and has designed a range of fancy footwear. 

The shoe collection aptly name CJG (Chloe Jade Green) will go on sale at 7am on Thursday 17th May at as well as hitting the Oxford Circus flagship store in London, and will no doubt be a success and sell out in seconds. The shoes each have a green sole, a nod to celeb fave Christian Louboutin, who also wished Chloe luck!

But don’t count on Miss Moss making an appearance in the sky-scrapers any time soon. According to Chloe, they’re just too high for her (really??? It’s Kate Moss for goodness sake – she can walk on water if she wanted too!) In fact, judging by the line-up at the VIP launch of CJG at Topshop HQ, the only celebs that will be tottering around in Miss Green’s designs are her MIC pals.

But with a much more reasonable price tag than the old Louboutin’s, I see many girls running and grabbing a pair as soon at 7am strikes. In fact, with all my reservations I had about Miss Green’s talents as a shoe designer – they are, dare I say it, really nice. No not nice, they’re hot! And quite frankly if I could fathom the £100+ needed for a pair, I would probably crumble under shoe goodness and buy a pair.

With eight styles going on sale including green glittery platforms, peach studded heels and strappy cr̬me and metallic heeled sandals Рall with the (soon-to-be famous) green sole, there is no shortage of choice on offer. And FYI the green glittery platforms are to die for!