The Amazing Miss Stone

There's no doubt about it: Emma Stone is officialy the new 'It' girl around town. With The Amazing Spider Man in cinema's now, and already breaking box-office records, Emma has been jet-setting around the globe promoting the new film.

The actress has looked amazing at every photocall and press event and has donned an array of different outfits. The starlet gives major props to her stylist for her style success, and we have to agree: Emma has given new meaning to the term "minimalist cool."

Opting for sleek silhouettes like the pastel beauty from Pucci and low-key Jason Wu LWD she wore in Rome, she's been able to highlight her youthful charm and assert herself as a fashion force to be reckoned with.

From sexy and sophisticated, to vampy and romantic to simple and chic, the girl has proved she can pull off any style. Because of that, it’s too tough to pick just one favorite look, so here are few highlights from the promotional jaunt that I just can't get enough of.

First off we have a  sweet fit-and-flare Chanel number, for the premiere in Los Angeles. Never a one-note-wonder, Emma added intrigue with a pair of studded Louboutins against an otherwise demure dress.

The actress donned a sleek Elie Saab jumpsuit in London. The plunging sparkly top and bright belt added a sexy touch to the wide-leg trousers, while her straight hair and smokey eyes were the perfect finishing touches.

Andrew Garfield‘s girlfriend was almost unrecognizable in the City of Lights - and I mean that in the best way possible. The embroidered black Gucci gown, wine-stained pout and curly faux bob were all such a departure for the star and it totally worked. More gothic-glam Emma, please!

Continuing to prove that she’s a style chameleon, the Vogue cover girl was fresh and flirty in a white Jason Wu frock with a black belt and drape detailing while in Rome. She finished off the number with Christian Louboutins and natural-looking makeup.

Stone looked pretty in pastels at the Moscow premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man. Her ensemble included a Grecian Jennifer Behr hairpiece, rose gold Dana Rebecca Designs studs, a sky blue Emilio Pucci cocktail dress, matching box clutch and pointy-toe Louboutins.

YOLO? Definately a NO GO!

If you type "what does" in Google, before you’ve had chance to finish the sentence the first thing the automatic search will give you is "what does YOLO mean?" YOLO is one of those words that, if like me, will make you cringe every time you hear it. It actually stands for "You Only Live Once" and was popularised by celebs like Zac Efron and Drake. People who use it attribute it to everything from stealing a car to going to the shop for a pint of milk in your slippers!

"About to go to the pub on a work night, YOLO" or "Got a hole in my sock, YOLO" are both acceptable uses of the annoying acronym. It is ultimately what "Fuck It" used to stand for. It’s been picked up by teeny boppers and wannabe rappers everywhere and seems to be used mainly on the internet, as a way of showing how reckless an individual is; without them actually being reckless at all.

In 2011 teenage heartthrob Zac Efron had tattooed YOLO on his hand and Drake posted a picture of himself looking out of a window across Las Vegas with the caption: "You only live once… YOLO".

And now it seems everybody is at it and is now one of those "popular terms" that completely lose their meaning after being used by so many people at once. There’s nothing wrong with slang, but this isn’t slang, it’s just stupid. No one actually lives twice, not even James Bond – the saying is redundant. The problem a lot of people have with "YOLO" is the way it’s used so flippantly, like the person who’s saying it is some kind of maverick, and by using an abbreviation that has been used a million times previously, we should all really believe that this person is by large some sort of rebel.

At the end of the day, YOLO is just an annoying abbreviation that can be ignored quite easily, but when it’s gone another one probably more embarrassing will take its place. Eventually we’ll be surrounded by pointless acronyms, made popular by egotistical rap stars and Twitter trends. Despite the fight against YOLO-ists, I guess it’s still only a matter of time before River Island print a t-shirt with the word scrawled across it. Oh wait...

It looks as if the only acceptable way of expressing the word YOLO if you aren't a 14-year-old chav, is if you were to say: "YOLO is quite frankly, very stupid," and even then I would be inclined to slap you just a little. That is unless you're Zac Efron, because then you are too beautiful for it to even matter what you have tattooed on that picture perfect body of yours!

Nailed It!

"I love nail art - I think about it a lot. I get inspired by different things, like beach scenes and 3D bows," Zooey Deschanel, 2012.

Once upon a time the best accessory a girl could opt for was a statement necklace or an amazing pair a heels. But nope not anymore, this season the biggest accessory is arty nails. Leading the posh polish fash pack is Zooey Deschanel who rocked up at this years Golden Globe Awards with a cute tuxedo design, then there was Katy Perry with her 3D floral nails, and now it seems anyone who's anyone seems to be hopping on this cute trend. In fact there has been such a influx of cute nail designs of Instagram they may as well rename it Instanails.

Everything from transfers, stickers to stripes and animal prints are all seen regularly gracing the talons of the fash pack. And now the regular folks, like me, are fast becoming pros at the trend, with the increase of nail art kits.

My personal favourite design has to be the newspaper nails. The instructions actually come from Topshop's Inside Out Blog ( and I decided to give it a go. Topshop suggests using surgical spirit, but I have found that using water can be just as effective.

My Newspaper Nails

They're dead simple to do and very effective, so here's how:

Step 1: Paint nails in a basecoat colour, and then a light colour such as a white.

Step 2: Cut out ten pieces of newspaper big enough to fit on each nail (magazine's also work just as well)

Step 3: Get a dish a tepid water and place one piece of the newpaper into the water until completely submerged. Wipe off excess water.

Step 4: Hold it down onto the nail for about a minute, and make sure the whole nail is covered. Remove and repeat on every nail.

Step 5: Add a coat of clear nail varnish to make sure the design stays put!