Amy Lives On - Sort of!

It seems that the fashion industry is still in mourning of the death of Amy Winehouse, and none more so the Jean Paul Gaultier!

The French couturier has used the late singer as inspiration for his latest spring-summer collection shown in Paris this past week. Who would have thought her was such a fan?!

To a barbershop rendition of Winehouse's songs, the creations channelled her eccentric mix of sporty silhouettes and tight bustiers, which in essence is a fitting tribute. But the clothes were completely off mark with zesty coloured rubber and mesh body suits. In all honesty, the outfits look like they should be featured in a Soho sex shop rather than on a catwalk, and is a slightly confusing tribute to Amy.

I mean I get where he was coming from and where he was trying to go, but it looked like a slight mess throughout. The models sported big beehives and heavy eyeliner and also smoked lit cigarettes while strutting the catwalk, trying to emulate Amy’s classic look. This was probably the closest the show came to representing Amy's unique style.

But also can I just point out here that Gaultier’s latest idea might be slightly inappropriate seeing as Monday marked the six-month anniversary of her death. To do something like this so soon, when many are still in mourning may have been more than a little insensitive, no? The finale went as far as covering the models in black veils, to signify her passing.

It seems that Gaultier's tribute was well-intentioned, I’m sure, but is slightly uneasy to look at. I don’t know whether to applaud his efforts or look on in disgust. It seems that Amy’s dad, Mitch, clearly is not a fan of the tribute. He tweeted: "We don't support the Jean Paul Gaultier collection. It's in bad taste."

While usually confident is French dressing, mixing decadent Parisian chic with a slight edge, it seems that’s Gaultier has yet to grasp British style.