Flopshop's Finest

There’s nothing that screams British fashion more than Fred Perry’s iconic laurel wreath logo. Jeez, it’s been their official logo for over sixty years when the first stamped the logo onto their polo shirts in 1952.
So imagine the confusion to find that this cream jumper on sale not at Fred Perry, but the other iconic Brit label Topshop!
Not only have Toppers completely ripped off Perry’s world famous logo, but this cute cable knit jumper is trying to mimic the brands preppy appeal. It’s really quite hard to tell the difference between the two sweaters, except Topshop’s costs less than half the price of the original.
I do understand knockoffs happen, of course they do. And don’t get me wrong I am a fan of Toppers but to try ripping of a classic that is decades old? Well that’s just plain stupid! Do they think we’re that naïve?