My first LFW experience...

So it has been my dream for a while now to be sitting front row at a Burberry show during London Fashion Week, and this season I was determined not to miss out on all the fashion festivities in London. While it wasn't exactly Burberry and I certainly wasn't sat on the FROW, I have to admit I had the best time ever during my one day visit to LFW.

Arriving in London early I had the usual worries - Will I be under dressed? Will I fit in? Well it turns out pretty much everyone else I spoke to on the day felt the same nerves as me. And it turns out I was under-dressed at all.

I was really surprised at how easy it was just to walk around Somerset House. I guess I was expecting big burly security guards to come and tell me I didn't belong there. And thanks to my friend's trusty press pass we even managed to sneak in to J Brand's Ready-to-Wear buying session. I'm pretty sure we weren't meant to be there, but thanks to a lot of photo taking and gushing over how "utterly fabulous" everything was, nobody took any notice of us.

I truly had the best day ever, and I cannot wait till next year!